Throughout our thirty years of business Comsec has always had an interest in new and emerging technologies so when we were asked to provide a wandering patient solution for one of our clients our research lead us to the Elpas patient wandering system. 

This was a simple and cost effective answer to a very serious situation. The client had an issue with one of the elderly patients making repeated attempts to leave the health care facility. The patient often got confused and tended to wander off so the staff needed to know when they approached the building exits.

The solution we offered was to integrate the Elpas system with the ward nurse-call system. This meant that when the patient approached the exit the staff received an alert on their paging system allowing them to return the patient to his room or accompany him on a walk as appropriate. The system was also integrated with the access control so that during the night the access door would automatically lock when approached.

The technology is radio based and the patient wears a tag on their wrist or pinned to their clothes. The radio receiver at the door senses the tag and causes the system to activate. We sell the system in a kit form that can be easily installed by any competent contractor or if you require a more complex solution feel free to contact us in the office for some interesting ideas on how we might be able to help.