Because a Fire Alarm is a passive system rarely called upon to perform its function it often becomes a totally forgotten part of a buildings infrastructure. If the photocopier or the electric kettle breaks down it is obvious to all and will be fixed very quickly. If the fire alarm breaks down it can go unnoticed for weeks or months and in the event of a fire may fail to perform its function.

Because of the potentially disastrous consequences associated with failure to properly maintain a fire alarm system, IS3218 lays out clearly the responsibilities of persons controlling buildings and these are briefly outlined below. 

Responsible person
The  person  having  control  over  the  premises  shall  ensure  that  work  necessary  to  maintain  the  system  is carried  out  and  that  records  are  maintained.  This  should  be  done  by appointing  a  responsible  person to  supervise the  system.  The  responsible person should have sufficient authority to ensure that the above measures are taken.

Procedures shall be laid down for dealing with alarms of fire, fault warnings or taking part or all of the system out of service. Advice in relation to these procedures may be given by the Fire Authority to any person having
control over the premises (or to the owner or occupier).

The responsible person shall ensure that users of the system are instructed in its proper use. Any occupants or  members  of  staff  who  will  be  concerned  with  first  aid  fire-fighting  shall  be  instructed  in  the  correct
interpretation of the indications given and their relationship with the building layout and shall be instructed and practised in the proper actions to be taken in the event of fire.

The responsible person shall establish a liaison with those responsible for changes in or maintenance of the building fabric (including redecoration, etc.) to ensure that their work does not cause faults on, or otherwise
interfere with, the operation of the fire alarm system. If structural or occupancy changes occur or are planned, then the responsible person shall ensure that any necessary changes to the fire alarm system are considered
at an early stage.

The above is a very brief outline. Comsec will be very happy to discuss these requirements in greater detail and we provide all our service clients with  detailed documentation in relation to the responsibilities of the owner and the service provider.

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