The latest edition of the fire alarm standard IS3218 2013 has now been released and is available for purchase as a hard copy or PDF from

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A particular point of interest to everyone involved in the industry and to end users and people in control of buildings is the clear statement regarding the statutory requirement for servicing of systems.

"Servicing shall be undertaken following commissioning of the installation whether the premises are occupied or  not.  The  requirement  for  servicing  is  a  statutory  requirement  and  independent  of any  obligations of the installer under defects liability"

 The standard goes on to clarify the position regarding the issuing of service certificates.

"It  should  be  noted  that  the  issuing  of  false  or  misleading  information  in  Certificates  of  Servicing/Testing (Annex D1) is an offence under the Fire Services Act 1981/2003 as per Section 22 (6)d."

Comsec Protection Systems were the first company accredited by the NSAI under the IS3218 fire alarm scheme. We continue to hold this accreditation and are routinely audited by the NSAI to ensure we continue to maintain the high standards required of us.

Any system serviced by Comsec will benefit from the application of these standards and any person responsible for the ongoing maintenance of a fire alarm system can rest assured that we will supply all the information and assistance necessary to allow them to comply with their statutory obligations.