BExH120-BExDH120 Hootronic Siren



About Product

The flameproof BExH120 ‘Hootronic’ Siren is suitable for Zone 1 & 2 applications. The BExH120D authentically reproduces the traditional sounds of electro-mechanical devices whilst providing a significantly higher level of performance and reliability. The BExDH120 variant is also suitable for Zone 21 & 22.

Sound level outputs are up to 117.5dB(A) at 1 metre with a choice of 5 alarm sounds combining the signalling power of multiple electro-mechanical products in one unit.

1. Industrial Hooter
2. High Frequency Mechanical Siren
3. Medium Frequency Mechanical Siren
4. Electro Mechanical Buzzer
5. Mechanical Bell

Product Description

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