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Control Equipment

Our modular 16-128 line control equipment comprises one CCU-16 16 line Master Control Unit and up to seven SCU-16 16 line Slave Expansion Units. 
Line cards are not included and MUST be purchased separately. 

For every two Type A outstations connected, an LC2 2-Way Line Card is required and for every two Type B outstations, an LC3 2-Way Line Card is required.

A separate ECU Desk Controller is also required to allow operators to communicate with the system’s outstations. Three versions are available, the ECU-32, which can control up to 32 lines; the ECU-64 (up to 64 lines) and the ECU-128 (up to 128 lines).

Note, the CCU-16 is supplied with a standard tone card that provides ringing, busy, alert and evacuate tones. If required an SVMM message module can be fitted to provide real speech
for the same functions as the standard tone card.

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