SX-2000SM System Manager



About Product

The SX-2000SM is a highly sophisticated voice evacuation system control unit.

SX-2000SM can be used in combination with an optional audio input unit, audio output unit, and remote microphone of the SX-2000 Series to make up a complete matrix system and can perform audio signal routing and priority control for the entire system. The SX-2000SM itself is equipped with 8 control inputs, 8 control outputs, failure status outputs, failure data inputs/switches, access indicators mode indicators and failure indicators enabling a wide rage of controls and status monitoring. Each control can be performed by way of a CF card inserted into the SX-2000SM unit. Operations of the entire system can be recorded and their contents stored on a CF card as an operation log.
The SX-2000SM also features two power inputs making possible the creation of a dualredundant power system

Product Description

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