User Daily Responsibility Fire Alarm System

Videos 28/01/21


it's Brendan from

Comsec Protection Systems, and today we're gonna take a very brief look

at the end user responsibilities in relation to I.S.3218, the fire detection and

alarm system standard.

So, we're looking at the responsibilities of you as the end user of the building

and what you have to do on a daily basis for your fire panel.

You're basically gonna look at it, you're gonna make sure that there's a green LED,

that's the healthy mains LED on your fire panel whether it's an addressable or conventional system, you'll have this.

And what you're hoping you don't have is an amber light for faults or red for fires or

activations on the system.

So, what the standard requires you to do is carry out a daily inspection.

It's as simple as approach the panel, look at it,

make sure there's a green light lit, and that's it.

You know, if you're in a premises that requires you

to note that it's fully healthy, nursing home any other place with heavy documentation,

you indicate that in your daily logs.

But there is a requirement if there's a fault, you record that in the

fire alarm log book.

We'll do a video on that some other day.

You report your faults in the log book, you seek remedial attention for that,

make repairs and hopefully that fault doesn't appear the next day.

If it does, it continues t0 get recorded in your log book

until it's resolved.

If you've a fire on the system or other alarm activation

it obviously requires some other attention.

So, it's pretty straightforward in terms of your requirement

as per the Irish standards and it's good documentation practice

just to note any faults and have them repaired as quickly as possible.

Hope that's helpful, thanks.