Comsec designs and installs top end CCTV systems. Our experience of networking and computer architecture has enabled us to take full advantage of emerging trends in CCTV cameras and recording equipment. We use systems such as high resolution mega-pixel network cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and PC based recording.

IP Network

A network camera captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network (LAN/intranet/Internet), enabling users to remotely view and manage the camera from a Web browser on any computer, anywhere and at any time. Several options are available from basic fixed colour cameras to fully functional dome cameras for day and night operation.

Our focus has been on surveillance applications, but the versatility of network cameras means we are able to provide some of the following applications:

  • 3-minute time lapsed video of 6-month building construction projects.
  • The remote monitoring of machinery and control panels.
  • Access control systems, two-way audio, one-way video door entry system.

Also available are PC microphone/speakers to a door station.

Digital Video Recorders

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are far superior to conventional taped systems. They deliver consistent quality pictures, are low maintenance and extremely flexible. They can be set to detect and record only on motion determined directly from the image. They can be set to record on specific times or events. Recording, playback, and pan/tilt/zoom functions are all controlled on a single interface. Recording is not interrupted while viewing archives. By connecting a DVR to a computer network it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, with password access.