In the event of a power failure on a premises it is important that the exit routes are well illuminated to allow safe egress from the building. There are strict regulatory requirements laid down in IS3217:2013 – the Irish emergency lighting standard as published by the NSAI

Design, Supply, Install and Maintain

 Every building owner has a legal obligation to ensure that the emergency lighting on their premises is fit for purpose and is designed, installed and maintained to the appropriate standard. IS3217:2013 indicates the minimum level of competency and experience that a system designer must have to certify a system. Comsec engineers surpass these requirements.

Comsec design, supply and install emergency lighting ranging from simple self contained emergency lights to large central battery systems and addressable systems which incorporate self testing of both function and light output level.

We carry out audits on existing systems and can provide annual and quarterly maintenance contracts to satisfy the owners statutory obligations for the maintenance of the emergency lighting systems on their premises.