With over 30 years experience and third party certification to IS3218:2013 Comsec can provide audits and verification for existing Fire Alarm Systems to end users and engineering specialists.

IS3218:2013 – Annex C7

When the fire alarm and detection standard was updated in 2009 a provision was made in the annex for the third party audit and verification of a system. This annex is still current in IS3218 2013.

8.6 Certification of verification
The person/organisation undertaking the verification shall issue to the User (or responsible person) a Certificate of Verification (Annex C 7). This certificate shall contain a declaration confirming the competence of
the person/organisation to carry out the verification audit.

We have carried out many audits on existing systems  ranging from simple visual inspections, where a client may have some concerns over the status of the fire alarm system, to large full building audits with complete testing and verification of all the system components and fire compartmentation. Often these audits are required to satisfy the requirements of local fire authorities and other stakeholders where doubts have been raised about the status of a building. Many of these audits have brought to light serious deficiencies not only in the Fire alarm and Emergency lighting systems installed, but also in associated services such as automatic smoke vents and fire compartmentation. We have been able to assist numerous stakeholders in obtaining compliance with the statutory fire regulations and obtaining the appropriate certification.  

We carry out these audits  on a completely independent and unbiased basis and we issue detailed reports on each building and system audited. All our audits are signed off by our fully qualified Fire Engineer who holds a Masters in Fire Engineering.