The need for ongoing integrity tests.

While the number of gaseous extinguishing systems continues to grow, an often neglected aspect of the design is the enclosure integrity test.

An enclosure integrity test carried out during the construction stage will highlight any areas which need attention and when sealing has been completed a further test can be carried out to verify that it will retain the extinguishing agent. On completion of the extinguishing system installation a further test can be carried out and the certification of the integrity tests will then form part of the commissioning documentation.

Generator Enclosures

Typically these enclosures will be protected by a total flooding carbon dioxide system which will be test discharged as part of the final commissioning of the generator. If an integrity test is carried out prior to the test discharge the behavour of the enclosure can be predicted and any leaks can be rectified prior to carrying out a discharge test.

Typical Applications

Computer Rooms, Data centres, Generator Houses, Document Stores, Archives

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