Servicing and Testing

The routine to be adopted in individual premises may vary with the use of the premises(video). For example, equipment installed in corrosive or dirty conditions will need to be checked more thoroughly and at more frequent intervals than that in clean and dry situations; buildings which are unoccupied normally or are unoccupied at weekends, holidays, etc. may not receive the attention prescribed in the standard every day. Provision must be made to ensure that the system is fully operational after each service visit.

On completion of the work, Comsec will issue a Certificate of Servicing and Testing. This will be given to the responsible person. The certificate will indicate its validity expiry date.

Typical Applications

All premises which are legally obliged to have fire alarm systems installed are also obliged to ensure that these systems are properly maintained and fit for purpose at all times. Comsec has provided this service since its creation in 1984 and this continues to be at the core of our business to this day.

Case Study

Large Pharmaceutical Plant Dublin


We have taken over the servicing and maintenance of a large number of existing systems over the years. This often happens when the company which initially supplied the system proves to be incapable of providing the level of expertise required for its ongoing upkeep. Comsec have done this successfully in every case.

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