Comsec has vast experience and competency in the area of design of fire alarm systems. All our designs comply with the required standard.

We offer complete solutions from design through the installation and commissioning phases to final client handover. We also assist consulting engineers and electrical contractors to achieve the necessary design and installation standards to comply with the building regulations. We provide Fire alarm equipment on a supply only or a supply and commission basis to electrical contractors or facilities managers.


All of our commissioning work is carried out to the relevant standard. Any commissioning certificate issued by Comsec will truly reflect the condition of the system and any variations from IS3218 will be highlighted. We never compromise regarding commissioning certification.

Typical Applications

Fire Alarm Systems are installed in all commercial and public buildings from small Bed and Breakfast accommodation to enormous multistorey hotels. They are in historic buildings and ultra modern production plants. They vary in complexity from single zone panels with one or two smoke detectors to large networked systems containing many thousands of devices.

Case Study

Large Hospital Dublin


We have installed many multi panel networked Fire Alarm System including some very intricate systems with complex mapping to achieve the necessary horizontal and vertical evacuation sequences required when dealing with sick and often immobile people.

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