Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Clean agent fire suppression systems use chemical agents to extinguish a fire. These systems deploy quickly and cleanly without leaving any residue on high value or irreplaceable assets.Water Mist systems use low volume high pressure water particles and extinguish fire by a combination of cooling and inerting effects. These systems have been used for many years for the protection of machinery spaces and are becoming increasingly popular for the protection of high value assets and for areas such as commercial kitchens, production equipment and spray painting booths, where the short clean up time after a discharge results in a much quicker return to operation compared to other commonly used systems.

In Cabinet Systems

These systems utilize a special heat sensitive tubing which ruptures when exposed to heat and delivers the extinguishant, (either Co2 or Novec 1230) directly to the seat of the fire.

Typical Applications

Fire Suppression Systems have been in use for many years where high value or critical equipment needs to be protected from fire. They are common in engine rooms, generators houses, computer rooms and data centres and are in use in commercial kitchens to quickly suppress fat fires which are a common occurrence in these areas.

Case Study

Sports Stadium Emergency Generators


We recently completed a project which involved installing a watermist fire suppression system to protect the Emergency Power Generators at a large sports stadium in the heart of Dublin. Watermist was used as the extinguishant as this was effective and would not cause damage to the Generators when discharged.

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