Upgrading Fire Alarm Systems

Due to our long experience and expertise we are regularly called upon for advice on, and assistance with, the upgrade and replacement of existing systems.

Comsec are ideally positioned to provide this service and we have numerous satisfied clients across diverse sectors of the economy. We have been called upon to replace and upgrade numerous systems over the years, sometimes because the client has not been able to obtain support for relatively new systems which have been abandoned by the people who designed them or where the company which supplied the system has left the industry.

Typical Applications

Older systems for which parts are not available. Systems where technical support is not adequate or non existent. Systems which have been designed and specified around equipment which is not readily available at competitive prices. Systems which have no support in the local market. Systems which can not be extended or modified to accommodate changing requirements or extension.

Case Study

A large Pharmaceutical Plant whose fire alarm system was troublesome and even worse unreliable. The company which had supplied and commissioned the system was unable to solve the numerous design defects and could not offer a sufficient level of support to the client.

The Solution.

Comsec Protection Systems was selected to plan and implement the control system upgrade and replacement and provide electrical design and software development services.

We carefully evaluated the manufacturer’s needs and recommended the necessary upgrades.

We carried out the necessary modifications and handed the client a state of the art installation without incurring any disruption to the day to day operation of the facility

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