Comsec can supply intercom systems from single door access to multiple station systems for apartment blocks and large buildings.

Clean Room Intercoms

We have supplied clean room and specialist intercom systems to the health care sector for twenty years and have installed large scale Stentofone – Zenitel systems in intensive care units and operating theatres incorporating special antibacterial membranes and total hands free facilities.

Intercom over IP.

We can supply systems which can be installed on your existing LAN thereby allowing for quick efficient installation in existing buildings. System can be extended via the WWW to give you control and allow communication from anywhere with an internet connection.

Residential and Commercial Intercoms systems

Depending or your requirements we can offer solutions from a simple single door system to the latest IP based large scale residential intercom system. Just some of the brands we support are:

  • Bitron
  • Comlite
  • Urmet
  • Farfisa
  • Fermax
  • ermes

Both audio only and audio/visual systems are available.