The need to alert the personnel working within the plant perimeter and those in the surrounding areas is becoming increasingly recognised.

The means of providing and maintaining this alarm is the responsibility of the plant operator. Any organisation subject to the requirements of COMAH (Seveso II) alarm, or involved in any activity with the slightest possibility of toxic gas release, possibly due to fire, security breach, flood warning, or civil defence issues requiring sound coverage up to 750m is likely to be required by the fire authority to install a disaster warning signalling system.

Seveso Wide Area Signalling

Comsec can design a disaster warning system to the clients specific requirements. This will usually involve a preliminary discussion over the phone followed by a trip to site to discuss the project in depth and to assess any special requirements. We will follow on with a budget quotation for the project together with a quotation for a detailed design.

Typical Applications

Wide area warning systems are typically installed in plants which are spread over large sites where workers may be working outside in areas where a conventional alarm would be difficult to hear. They come in many forms, from the typical siren as heard in old films to the classic klaxon sound and voice messages broadcast over large loudspeaker arrays.

Case Study

Large Pharmaceutical Plant Dublin


We have installed a wide area warning system in a pharmaceutical plant where employees whose job required them to occasionally work outside at some distance from the plant experienced difficulty hearing the fire alarm.

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