A number of detailed studies have shown that people respond best when given clear instructions in an emergency situation.

Coupled with the increased sophistication of fire alarm systems and the ever increasing size and complexity of buildings, the need to provide early and clear means of raising an alarm is becoming ever more important. It has been proven that a considerable number of people have lost their lives because they failed to respond to a fire alarm. It is a relatively simple matter to train workers and other staff on the correct procedure to follow in the case of an alarm, but dealing with the general public raises very complex issues.

Signalling Systems

Comsec has fully embraced the technology and we can design and install a voice evacuation system for any requirement. All our design is fully supervised by engineers qualified in electronic and fire engineering. You may rest assured that when we design your voice evacuation system it will not only work but it will satisfy the requirements of any local authority.

Typical Applications

Voice Evacuation Systems are typically used in areas where people can be found in large numbers, such as Hotels, Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Shopping Centres and industrial Plants. In fact anywhere that the need to alert people to a dangerous situation exists.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Dublin


We have installed Voice Evacuation Systems in many locations including a large manufacturing plant comprising several distinct buildings. The allows for the site to be evacuated on a phased basis while at the same time clearly alerting the occupants of unaffected buildings that there is an incident in progress.

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