Comsec has considerable expertise in the field of patient wandering and door monitoring systems. We can offer a full design and install option or can provide the equipment and technical support that will allow any suitably qualified person install the system.

Quantec Nurse Call

The Quantec system can be fitted with pressure pads that monitor a patients bed and alert staff in the event of a patient leaving their bed.

Elpas Wandering Patient Door Kits

With the increased risk of patient wandering in health care facilities Comsec has sought out a product that can be relied on to monitor exits and to alert staff when a patient has approached a door or left a building.

The patient wears a mini transmitter tag similar in size to a wristwatch. This allows the patient to move freely while the staff are discretely alerted should a patient leave the building. We can design a system that will automatically lock doors in the event that a patient approaches.