Coupled with the increased sophistication of fire alarm systems and the ever increasing size and complexity of buildings, the need to provide early and clear means of raising an alarm is becoming ever more important.

A number of detailed studies have shown that people respond best when given clear instructions in an emergency situation. It has been proven that a considerable number of people have been seriously injured or have lost their lives because they failed to respond to the traditional means of alarm i.e bells, sounders etc.

It is a relatively simple matter to train workers and other staff on the correct procedure to follow in the case of an alarm, but dealing with the general public raises very complex issues.

Signalling Systems

The need to evacuate the enormous public buildings which are now common has given rise to a whole new generation of signalling systems including public address systems specially designed to fire alarm standards and dedicated voice evacuation systems.

Comsec has fully embraced this technology and we are very well placed to assist in the design and implementation of numerous voice evacuation systems. All our design is fully supervised by engineers qualified in electronic and fire engineering. You may rest assured that when we design a voice evacuation system it will not only work but will satisfy the requirements of any local authority.