Ziton analogue addressable fire alarm systems have been at the forefront of intelligent fire detection since the mid 1980s.

Many of the the earliest ZP5 systems are still installed and functioning perfectly well, but are coming to the end of their operational lifetime. Ziton has always made an effort to design all their systems to be backwards compatible, which allows easy upgrades to modern technology.

Update to ZP2 and ZP3

Comsec’s engineers have successfully updated many systems to the new ZP2 and ZP3 range, which have many new and improved features.

The Zp5 has had many variations in its long life span. The model numbers have included:

  • ZP5-M-84P
  • ZP5 Mk4
  • ZP5-2-84L/P
  • ZP5-4-84L/P
  • ZP5-8-84L/P
  • ZP5 Mk 5

We can also assist in the upgrade of the Ziton Modula ZM2 and ZM8 systems. We have a wide selection of spares for many of these panels, and would be happy to deal with any problems that you are having with an existing system.